1. What are your admission policies/procedures?

Admission is open to any person who is aged or is suffering from any stage of dementia. These residents may require assistance with the activities of daily life or may require prompting to care for oneself as long as their needs and conditions meet with the parameters of our program statement. Genesis AFCH offers a designed program that begins with a comprehensive assessment by our Nurse on staff prior to moving in, then based on assessment, a care plan is developed in order to meet each individual’s specific care needs.

2. What are the visiting hours?

Visiting hours are from 10 am – 6 pm. Staff must ensure that these are adhered to except under special circumstances where family/visitor notified the home.

3. What is the rule concerning visitation and curfew?

We encourage frequent visitation by friends and family. Residents must notify the staff when leaving the house for a home visit with family or outside activities.

4. What is your medication policy?

Genesis AFCH receives resident medications from Venoy Pharmacy. You may choose to use your own pharmacy if you prefer. If you use our designated pharmacy the medications will be delivered to us directly free of charge. Our staff is trained to dispense the medications as ordered by the doctors.

5. Can we bring personal belongings to place in the room?

Yes, especially photos and other important items to help residents feel at home. We will personalize the room your loved ones will occupy.

6. How often do you provide showers?

We have 2 scheduled shower per week and as needed OR as indicated in the resident care plan.

7. Do you celebrate birthday parties?

Each resident will have a party with a cake and balloons. The family is encouraged to attend.

8. Do you have celebrations for major holidays?

We celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s, and Thanksgiving. Family members are welcome at any time to participate and are part of our activities.

9. Can my loved one have a personal telephone?

Residents can utilize the house phone but should consider other residents’ needs also. If you wish to have a phone inside the room you may do so through the company of your choice, and at your expense. The house phone is exclusively for the residents, family/friends, and Healthcare providers.

10. What are the fees?

Fees are based on private or shared rooms, as well as individual patient needs. No Extra or Move-In Fee, No Long Term Contract, and No Hidden Charges. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a tour of our Home.