“After spinal surgery and rehab, my husband was still not standing or walking. Because I was unable to care for him at home it was necessary to find a place where he would be well cared for. I visited many possibilities, but when I went to the Genesis Adult Foster Care Home in Southfield, that was a big change from the other facilities.  The staff is very friendly, even joyful. This home is always kept very clean and the residents are very well cared for. Meals are nutritionally balanced and snacks are provided. Exercise is provided for all 2 times a day in the living room. Game time and movies are provided. There is a family atmosphere. This home only has room for 6 residents with 2 sharing a double room. It is a real blessing to have found this exceptional “home-away-from-home” for my husband. With sincere appreciation and gratitude,”

– Cheryl Swift (Resident Family Member)

“Thank you again for the attentive care you and your staff provided my Mother Barbara. Your approach of active engagement during the day helped my mother achieve a more calm and stable demeanor. We appreciated your team’s constant attention to both her and the facility’s cleanliness which was far above my experience at larger institutions. During each of my almost daily visits to the facility I observed the same calm, compassionate care for my mother and the other residents. I was comforted by your personal engagement to help optimize my mother’s environment from the correct bed, wheelchair and feeding arrangements. Finally, the high standards you expect from your support companies such as visiting doctor, physical therapists and hospice allowed us to focus our time with our Mother.”

– Jeff John (Resident Family Member)

“My husband and I felt such gratitude for the loving and very special care he received at Genesis. He was not able to do much for himself and there was never a moment that he was ignored. Daily, he was among the residents and included. His every need was assessed and addressed. Most importantly, he was attended with loving care. You could see the concern on all you faces. One of the things I noticed most was that caregivers worked so very hard to make sure everything was perfect for all residents. Each resident was addressed with kindness, a smile, patience, and often laughter. I was also welcomed, being there with my husband in such a cheerful and bright atmosphere. You were with him through the end and provided respect and dignity. Our family and I cannot thank you all enough.”

– Anita, Larissa and Toby (Resident Family)

“Genesis Adult Foster Care is an excellent place for my dad. Meng and her staff are incredible and treat my 95 year old dad with respect and dignity. My dad resided in a facility in the Upper Peninsula in assisted living from June 2012 – December 2017. We than moved him to a memory care unit with the same company but different location. His dementia had excelled and they were not trained properly to care for him. He did not do well in the second facility so I searched for alternatives. It was then that I was introduced to Meng. Upon meeting her for the first time, I was impressed with her and her approach to caring for the elderly. We moved dad from the UP in early July into her newest foster home in Troy and could not be happier with dad’s care. He is happy, well cared for and content living there. I can not recommend Genesis AFC enough. Meng and her team of caregivers truly treat their residents like family.”

– Jean M. (Resident Family Member)

“My mom has been with Meng at two of her homes. Madison Heights and now Sterling Heights Fox Hill. We were concerned that she seemed to be losing interest in things. I spoke to Meng and she suggested Fox Hill. Since my mom has been there, June 2018, she plays cards and laughs with the residents and caregivers. She remembers a little better and carries on a better conversation when I see her and speak to her on the phone. Mom is definitely happier. It is a very clean home.”

– Nancy Wasilowski (Resident’s Family Member)

“I am a resident at Genesis. Meng and her staff have treated me wonderfully well. I appreciate all of their effort and time they spend with me. I would highly recommend their homes to anyone. The homes are very clean, staff is very friendly, and they take care of every resident exceptionally.”

– George Babbish (Madison Heights Current Resident)

"We had my mother at one of Best rated assisted living in Detroit area after nine falls and a two hospital stays, we moved her into Genesis. A terrific facility with the small amount of patients, the service here is far better than what we had in the other facility. Staff has always made our requests come true. Extremely accommodating and helpful, and we're very happy that we have found Genesis and would give it the highest recommendation. She has almost been the for one year.

– Mark Kassal

My father has been a resident at Genesis for over a year. They have a structured schedule, which is important. Twice daily there are chair exercises and playing ball, bingo after lunch. They celebrate birthdays. The owner strives for an extended family environment and I feel my father is getting very good care. I would highly recommend Genesis facilities. 

-Deborah Orlowski

I am very pleased that I chose Genesis to take care of my Ann. They are dedicated and care for her like she is family. It has been difficult with the Covid pandemic, that we have been unable to visit with each other. I'm so grateful that I know she is being well cared for. She tells me every time I talk to her how everyone is so good to her and how much she likes being there. Thank you for taking such good care of my Ann.

-Cynthia Pease

My wife was diagnosed with dementia several years ago, and was more recently diagnosed as “probably Alzheimer’s.”  Her disease progressed rapidly last year, and there came a time when I could no longer care for her at home.  Fortunately, I was referred to Genesis.  I met with Meng Julian at the Fox Hill home, where she gave me a tour and explained her background and her approach to caring for residents.  At the end, I was very comfortable with placing my wife there and my confidence has only grown with time.

Meng and her staff of caregivers display skill, excellent training and compassion for all residents.  Every resident has different needs, and the caregivers understand how to make each resident’s day better.  My wife had some difficulty adjusting to her new environment at first (she had a hospital stay before coming to Genesis), but the kindness and skill of the caregivers helped her to acclimate fairly quickly.

Meng has an excellent approach, with a daily structure that includes morning and afternoon exercise periods, meal times, a snack and an activity period that can include any number of things to do.  I usually visit my wife during activity time.  While I am visiting with her in the living room, I can hear the other residents and the caregivers engaged in a game in the dining area and all are having a jolly good time.  Aside from holiday decorations, Meng makes it a point to have a birthday party for each individual resident, so they will feel special.

The home is clean and well maintained, and the meals are nutritious and well-prepared.  The residents’ personal hygiene needs are properly addressed, they are in clean clothes every day and they receive medications and other medical care according to their respective needs.  I cannot fault Genesis on anything.

When my wife arrived at Genesis, she was not doing well mentally or emotionally.  Meng and her staff have helped her to stabilize and to feel good about herself again, and she has bonded with the other residents and the caregivers.

Far too often, the owners of a facility will say that they will treat your loved one “like family,” but it is really only a marketing slogan.  In the case of Genesis, I have seen with my own eyes that everybody in the home (residents, Meng and her caregivers) truly are a family.  I absolutely recommend Genesis Adult Foster Care Home to anybody who has a loved one in need of a well-run, compassionate place to live.

-Bob Thatcher (Resident Family Member)


“I have known Meng and her staff for a few years now working as a hospice nurse and I would (and have) recommended Genesis. I have worked with multiple families who express that their loved ones are well cared for by the staff, and people tend to stay with them many years because of that. I see it myself as well. I’ve been in the building during daytime when people are having a good home cooked meal, and in the middle of the night when a patient is having changes – it’s always clean, quiet, and smelling good. The staff are always professional, organized, and above all caring. I’ve spent over 5 years as a home care hospice nurse visiting dozens of similar homes and I would feel very comfortable/safe having my own family member there. They are outstanding.”

– Kristen Bowen (Hospice Care Nurse with Custom Hospice)

“Genesis has been a life saver for my grandmother. It has been her home away from home for 2 years now, the staff has become family and she absolutely loves it here. It is very clean, affordable, and they actually help to give the seniors the best life possible. They provide great meals, daily exercise, group activities, and around the clock care. I have recommended this group of homes to several of my own patients (I work in the dental field) looking for a home for their parents and grandparents. This gives them a sense of home, it has spacious bed rooms and they try to get them moving and back on their feet with daily exercise and physical therapy. They aren’t just plopped in front of a TV and fed 3 times a day, and essentially forgotten about  which is what we experienced in larger nursing facilities. They take the time to make them feel special on their birthdays and get to really know them at the core. We all couldn’t be happier and we know she is in good hands, we dont have to worry about her, she feels independent but still has someone there for her 24/7. We love Genesis!  If you are searching for a comfortable well taken care of home for your loved one look no further, this is the place. Meng has been a God send and she really manages her homes properly! “

– Christa Bieniewicz (Resident Family Member)

“It with great excitement and an extremely happy heart, that I am able to provide a letter of recommendation for Genesis Adult Foster Care Home!

I recently had to make that agonizing decision that I could no longer care for my father in my home! It is not a decision that is lightly made and it is not a decision that is made because I do not want to take care of my father. It was a decision solely based upon the fact that I was no longer able to provide the care that my father needed, he truly needed 24/7 assistance.

I placed my father into a different care facility for a total of two weeks, I felt anxious and sick about it the entire time my father was there and based on the treatment my father received I abruptly removed him from the facility earlier than anticipated. My husband and I went to meet Meng at the new house located in Southfield, where no one was currently residing, from her bubbly personality and her passion for the elderly we instantly fell in love with her. I was excited to get my father into her care and I was more than ecstatic when she opened the new home a week early to accommodate my father after I removed him from his previous home. From that moment on, I never had a gnawing feeling in my  heart, my gut, or my stomach… I felt that everything was going to be good and my father was truly in a home where he could live out the rest of his days!  Now let me explain my father to you he is cocky, mouthy, and even sometimes can be a little pompous but he is also funny, kind and thankful… Regardless of everything else he is not a throw away human and he deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.   The care that is received in this home is by far unsurpassed to anything I have seen at his previous home, rehab facilities & nursing homes. My father will tell you it is almost as good as being at home, and to come from him really says a lot. My father has had four strokes and the left side of his body is paralyzed, his left leg, calf and foot have been swollen for years while residing just over two months with Genesis all of the swelling has gone down and my father’s foot no longer resembles a club or has discoloration, I no longer carry the fear that he will eventually have to get his foot cut off.  Additionally, the color has come back to my father skin, he is exercising most days,  he is able to walk with assistance and he no longer complains of sharp pains in his legs and calves (from blood clots).

Based on the experience that I have encountered thus far, it is with the utmost respect and recommendation that I tell you this is the place you want your loved one to be. This is the type of home where your elderly parents/family get the live out the rest of their days having fun, building bonds and relationships, singing and playing games to keep everyone engaged and not just sitting there waiting to die. There are not enough kind words that I can put into this this recommendation and a million thank you’s does not even begin to scratch the surface of how eternally grateful I truly am. I am eternally grateful  to Genesis Adult, Foster Home Care, Jerome, Eddie, Alex, Jack and Ray à Thy have made a difference in my life and my father’s life.

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough for all you do every single day (even though I know my father is very difficult some days)”

– Billie Jo Pabst (Resident Family Member)

“Genesis has taken good care of my father. Knowing he’s in good hands has given me peace of mind.”

- Paul Brosky (Resident Family Member)

“My father has been at Genesis for over a year. We are so happy with the care he receives. Meng and her staff are very caring and attentive to each resident. The staff accommodations the needs of each individual resident. I think it is wonderful that the residents participate in exercise daily. Our family is very fortunate to have found Genesis.”

– Shelly (Resident Family Member)

“I am currently staying here and they treat me like family. The staff is 100%, and the owners visit frequently. We have exercise twice a day. This is a 5 star place, and the food is great. I receive lots of TLC. The accommodations are wonderful. I receive my PT for my sever back problems, and they accommodate all your needs. I would highly recommend Genesis Adult Foster Care Home over any other facility. I have frequented many with family members and friends that had physical and mental problems. But this is my home choice when I need to come here permanently. Thank You Dear Genesis Family.”

– Cathleen Greeba (Sterling Heights Current Respite Resident)

“My father has been with Genesis Homes for a little over a year. My dad had several major health problems that had hospitalized him for over a year. He was bedridden with bed sores before he got there. After arriving at Genesis he immediately made a 360 degree turn around. Today he is walking around with little to no assistance. He has made huge health improvements all because of the loving staff and amazing care that he has gotten from Genesis. I can’t thank them enough for everything that they did for my father. I would highly recommend Genesis for anyone!”

– Kyle Babbish (Resident Family Member)

“Are you looking for a Home for your loved one? STOP! You have found one with Genesis Adult Foster Care Homes. Our two Aunts, 91 and 87, sister, who never married or had children could no longer live together at their birth home. With many prayers and sleepless nights, we found the wonderful friends at Genesis. Meng, Eddie, Alex, the owners, and the Genesis Caregivers are the most loving, caring , joyous and conscientious group you will ever find to care for your loved one. If there are any issues or concerns, they are taken care of immediately. Our older Aunt passed away while in the care of Genesis. They treated her with dignity, respect and love, as if she was their own family member. Her sister and family felt like we were wrapped with arms of love during that sorrowful time. Thank you Genesis.”

– Christine, Mary Ann and Kathleen (Resident’s Family Members)

“I think Genesis is the best place for my dad.  Prior to Genesis he was at a larger facility where he had two falls  and two broken bones within a couple months.  His second fall had resulted in a broken hip and extensive physical therapy, and my dad was wheel chair bound.  Within a few weeks Meng had my dad up and moving about with a walker.  His smile had returned, and he was getting stronger and livelier by the day.  He continues to improve. My dad has flourished under Meng’s care.  She is happy, skilled, well organized, and caring.  I would recommend her to anyone who has an elderly parent or loved one needing full time foster care.”

– Kenneth Jaynes (Resident Family Member)

“I have been in the place several times already and yet they have been very consistent in terms of cleanliness, professionalism, and patient care.  I visit every now and then to evaluate patients for Physical Therapy.  I have witnessed how well they work with each and everyone to assist in activities of daily living and I must comment that they have been doing a great job!  Patients are nice, clean, and very presentable.  Meals are always good and they make sure patients are all eating well.  They always attend whatever issue they have, assist us in doing therapy, helping the patients do their home exercise program, and making sure that they are all safe.  Staff are knowledgeable regarding fall risk prevention and follows safety guidelines.  Over all, the place is very nice, clean, and homey. I would definitely recommend this place for someone who needs best quality of care!”

– Kareen Caparros, RPT (Physical Therapist with Four Season Health Care Company)

“Although my mom is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s Meng keeps her engaged with new activities, exercises and a simple routine that is similar to how she would live her life if she were still able to live in her own home. Aside from the fastidious grooming and housekeeping that Meng provides she treats my mom like part of her own beautiful family. She helps her practice her waning skills by encouraging her to use her fork, say the words, and not rely on the wheelchair if she can use the walker. I can’t say enough about the intimate, one-on-one care that oozes out of Meng and those who work there. Without my asking, Meng sends texts with videos and photos of her, she knows we love to see her. She answers any questions or concerns with lengthy phone calls and details of my mom’s day to day. There is a true atmosphere of genuine love at this house. She keeps her door open to our family making her home feel like it’s my mom’s home, a visit of any length is welcomed. I don’t think you can find anything comparable; this family has made their caretaking skill a loving option for the elders of our lives. If I had no financial limitations, or if I could keep my mother in my own home I would still choose to put her with Genesis AFCH in Madison Heights run by Meng Policarpio Julian.”

– Theresa Tilly  (Resident’s Family Member)

“I have had the privilege of visiting some of the residents as a nurse in this home and I have witnessed how well they are cared for. Management personally attends to all of their needs from a holistic approach. By this I mean from meal preparation, activities of daily living, recommended home health exercises, recreation to medication administration, prescription refills or doctor’s appointment etc., everything is supervised thoroughly and each resident is treated as an individual with unique needs and personalities. This place is also exceptionally clean. The caregivers are warm, loving and treat the residents like family. I would highly recommend this facility/home to anyone needing a second home for their loved ones. AN EXCELLENT PLACE to be if you want peace of mind that your family member is taken care of safely and lovingly.”

– Luha, BSN, RN (Registered Nurse with Four Seasons Health Care)

“We have been very pleased with the care our Mother has received at Genesis Adult Foster Care Home. She receives daily appropriate exercise and good, healthy meals. Meng and her staff have provided us with peace of mind that she is well taken care of in a clean and safe environment and that her best interests are considered. Mom is very happy in her new home.”

– Jerome and Denise K. (Resident’s Family Members)

“Over 10 years ago, our Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  At the time, our Father was still alive and fortunately not suffering from the same.  However, Dad had physical issues that prevented him from the mobility of driving and walking on his own.  As a family, we convinced our folks to enter into assisted living where they resided for 8 years and truly benefited.  When our Dad passed away, we had moved Mom over to what they called “Reminiscent Care” to provide her with more attention.  In the short period of time that we had her there, we became shocked to realize how little care they were able to supply her with and how much she needed more one on one. As difficult as the decision was, we researched and made a family decision to give “foster home care” a try. We were very nervous moving her from a place she had resided in for 8 years and possible reaction being her disease progressing.  In just the last four months, my siblings and myself are sending each other texts and emails sharing how extremely happy we are with our decision.  It literally brings tears to my eyes when I visit and see the difference in my Mom with this move.  She receives basically one on one attention and her smiles and hugs are enough to communicate to us her contentment.  When we visited in the assisted living, sometimes her teeth were not brushed or hair was not combed and even wearing clothes that did not belong to her.  Now she has her own bedroom and there is never any confusion of where her belongings are.  She was eating with her fingers at the assisted living as the progression of the disease caused her to forget how to use the utensils.  At the “foster care home”, she uses her utensils with no assistance.I cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for Meng and her staff. I consider them an extended family and Guardian Angels. This is truly a way of living to consider if you have a loved one that needs more specialty care.”

– Mary J. (Resident’s Family Member)

“My mom suffers from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. She can no longer speak for herself nor does she recognize any of her 7 children. We are a very close knit family and we could never take care of our mother the way Meng and her staff do. They show her love as if she were their mother and take care of her as if she were also. My mother is clean all the time happy with smiles on her face and she is hugging these people all the time because she truly loves them. She receives home cooked meals, physical and occupational therapy and has access to a visiting nurse and a physician. She gets all of her medications and if any medical issues arise, such as a cold, Meng calls the visiting nurse who calls the physician and my mother is taken care of without ever having to leave the home. Previously my mother resided in an assisted living facility where she was treated like a number. If she was ill no one knew until she was really ill. If she soiled her clothes she wore them. If she fell asleep with her head on the table that is where we would find her when we visited. Too many residents and not enough staff. Meng and her staff love their job and it shows in the way they take care of their residents. This is the place you would want your loved one to reside. We have never regretted for one minute putting our mother with Meng. The only thing we regret is taking so long to move her there. I would highly recommend this adult foster home for anyone that you love. It puts my mind at rest every night and my heart is full knowing she is there.”

– Tina B. (Resident’s Family Member)

“My Mother is 89 years of age, and suffers from debilitating dementia. She does not know any of her seven children by name. Otherwise, however, she is in generally good health and smiles all of the time. Genesis AFCH, and adult foster care facility located in Madison Heights, Michigan, which is run by Meng Julian and her family, have been taking care of my Mother for over three months now. When I watch Meng with my Mother, as well as the other occupants of the adult foster care home who reside with her, it is clear that Meng genuinely loves her work. It isn’t just the money! She is kind and compassionate. She is always patient, even when dealing with situations in which most of us would throw up out hands. Prior to Genesis, my Mother had resided for a number of years in a more typical assisted living facility. When it became apparent to my family that the care provided in that facility was unacceptable due to the minimal staffing that the facility provided, we took a chance. Looking back, we were truly blessed to find Genesis and Meng! I cannot imagine a facility with better care or a person with a bigger heart. I cannot recommend Genesis and Meng strongly enough! They REALLY care!”

– Frank S. (Resident’s Family Member)

My Mother Vivan moved into Genesis Fox Hill when it opened. She had just had a major change in her cognition, which finally led me to realize I couldn't take care of her by myself. As an only child, this was heartbreaking. Fortunately, I found a great support system in the team at Genesis AFCH. My Mom has been a changing challenge for them. At first, she was extremely active and agile, and was only having cognitive issues. We had to problem shoot as a team, how to best keep her occupied, and she was very sad at the transition at first. She has been very fall prone (since before her residency), and we had to figure out how to best serve her. And, over the past few years, she's transitioned through the stages of Severe Dementia. Now, she is much weaker, and has heart and kidney issues evolving. Eddie and Meng have worked so hard to keep her in great shape as she transitions through this journey. The staff have been lovely. Mom is no longer unhappy there, and she feels secure. Eddie loves to make her laugh. And, all of this has been an extreme challenge throughout Covid. They have taken painstaking care to keep their residents well quarantined, yet still communicating with their families. I sincerely don't know how I would have coped with my Mom's health struggles without this support. Thank you Genesis!

Much Love,

Dawn Meredith

In July, we had to put our Mother to assisted living. We found Meng Julian through the Next Step for Seniors. Mom had live on her own for over 70 years and we were very anxious about the next phase in her life. Meng is a miracle worker and Mom could not be happier. Her care has been above and beyond our expectations. One of her favorite activities is playing Bingo because she always wins! We highly recommend Genesis to anyone looking for great care for their loved ones.

- Kathy

I was hesitant at first mention of considering a group home to place my wife. Seeing firsthand how her cousin was treated in the group home that he was placed. The diet they fed him was terrible. Chicken backs along with canned and boxed foods. I didn't have much choice after paying $345 per day in the nursing home that she had to leave. The social worker that recommended Genesis said that the monthly rate was a fixed rate for everything. Unlike an assistant living which charged ala carte. And my wife could get the attention she needs, unlike in the nursing home she was in where she wasn't respected, and they were only concerned about the money.

After speaking to Meng I felt more as ease with making the decision to place her with Genesis. I was impressed with the twice daily work out routine. The playing of Bingo at a certain time of day.  Nobody stays in bed, up and at it at 7:am. And the diet is first class. Different breakfast, lunch and dinner menu everyday. My wife loves the food so much that she always asks for seconds. There is no doubt as to how much Meng cares for her “babies”, as she calls them. She really takes care of her residents. These group homes are the best kept secrets. Everyone knows about the nursing home, but if you want your loved ones given the care, respect and attention that they deserve Genesis is the place consider.


-Sydney Crumley (Resident Family Member)

My seven months at Genesis 4 proved to become a gradual recovery from Rhabdomyolysis, a serious syndrome causing sever muscle weakness, including inability to walk, which I had been able to do prior to the end of July 2021. The disease also sapped the strength needed to do activities of daily living such as getting up from a chair or sitting down from a standing position. Holding up my head was tiring and required more effort than I could believe or understand. My arms were weak and I would not have been able to hold up my violin with my left hand or the bow with my right hand, as I had done as a professional musician for thirty years of work in opera, chamber music and symphonic groups.

Besides physical therapy being needed, I needed a wound care nurse to tend to and monitor a sever wound around my butt. Genesis contracted an excellent physical therapist who will continue to assess my possible need for continuing physical therapy upon returning home several days after writing this account.

A rare and special friendship developed between me ad my wound care nurse, Ray, who became known as “Ray of Sunshine”. Our sessions were times of spiritual discussions, laughter and prayer as well as physically healing. Although this could not be proved, I believe that his weekly visits were as essential to my recovery as were my physical therapy sessions with Jimmie.

Although not a credentialed physical therapist, a multi-talented induvial who is also Meng’s son, Eddie, has helped me enormously by teaching me exercises and tricks using a floor to ceiling pole which he erected in Genesis 4 and will also place in my condominium on the day when I return home. Eddie, in the process, became my closest friend in Genesis. My challenge in the near future will be to separate from all of these very special people. It has to be mentioned that upon entering the program at Genesis 4, I had come with a matted head of hair, due to the illness, Hospitalization in Beaumont. One or more of the caregivers, including Guy and others, cut my hair the first day, although I seem to have been too traumatized by the illness to remember it being done. The caregivers were sensitive to this issue and never made me feel uncomfortable with my hair being cut so extremely.

The house manager/caregiver, Edwin and all my other caregivers were extremely attentive to details in all areas and kept the menu planning job as a priority. They did not punish people for not eating things. Edwin has an unusual vocal talent which he has never developed to a professional degree. However, he can be heard singing during a large part of the day, either unaccompanied or with whatever song is playing on the radio. Edwin’s musical talent is as prodigious as is Eddie’s talent in surprising areas. The degree of talent present in Genesis 4 keeps the daily experience riveting. I would return here if I was in need of bring helped through a long-term recovery.

-Ann Cannell (Current Resident)

If you are looking for a care facility for your loved ones you won’t find a better, affordable place than Genesis AFCH. They do a wonderful job of keeping their clients active and involved. Any concerns or issues are addressed promptly, and they go out of their way to keep everyone healthy and happy. Meng would come over and personal cheer up my mother whenever she was down (she could always make her smile). We have had experience with many nursing / rehabilitation facilities over the years and can promise you that your family members will get better care and attention at Genesis. When we put our mother into Genesis it was the best decision we have ever made.


-The Graham Family (Resident Family Members)